Dorte Hyldstrup as a presenter and teacher is characterized by a lot of knowledge and experience and she has an intense interest in every student´s personal performance. She makes very good observations, is open for remarks and has a very nice personality.

Anneke Sleeswijk, Biologist & Singer, The Netherlands, April 2017

Five intense days, but they were worth it! And we won´t let the tongue go down on us anymore – at least thats the plan 🙂

Rudi Giron, Actor & Singer, Belgium, April 2017, Your Content Goes Here

Estill Voice Training is a truely, honest, open and effective way of voice education

Ine Smet, Singer, Belgium, April 2017

Estill Voice Training is like putting on glasses when you never knew you needed them.

Indra Boone, Singer & Teacher, Belgium, April 2017

“This Estill course gave me more understanding, more words and sensations to help myself and my students.”

Ingela Johansson, Music Teacher, Voice and Choir. Gothenburg January 2017

“Thank you for excellent research and a very “foolproof” method.”

Sefora Nelsson, Singer song writer, Germany, October 2016

This Estil Course has given me excellent knowledge how things actually work inside our voice box and outside what effects it.

Meeri Kompus; Speech therapist, Estonia, May 2015

Estill method really helped me to focus on the real, physical-based, problems that I have with my singing. Helped me to understand and control my voice better.

Jarkko Maukonen, Cantor, Finland, March 2015

“Dette kursus har gett mig medel att börja använde min r¨st på ett konkret och medvetet sätt. Har även fått pedagogiska verktyg att använda i min undervisning. Och mycket inspiration! Är verkligen sugen på att öva!

Helena Jedvik, Sangpädagog, Sverige Januar 2015

“The Estill Voice Training Course has given me an opportunity to finally understand what is going on inside of my body while producing sounds. It´ll help me to work on different sound qualities. Never have I learned so much about my voice within just three days! It´s fantastic.”

Lydia Liebcher, Singer & Voice Teacher. Germany, October 2014

“The knowledge of Estill should be the basis for every singing teacher – thank you”

Claudia Piehl, Singer, Teacher & Choir Conductor, Germany, October 2014

Kursen har givit mig massor. Många bra verktyg som jeg kommer att använda till mina kommende elever och till min egen sångröst.

Maria Pettersson; Sångerske & Sångpedagog studerende, Sweden

“Estill Voice Training really teach you how your voice works. Dorte is the most competent, nicest and coolest voice teacher I ever had. She helped me a lot to understand how to safe my voice and further keep on doing my rock & distortion styles.”

Conny Kreitmeier; Singer, Germany, April 2014

It was great to get to know how everything really works! I have so many new thoughts about singing now and I´m curios to try out all the things in my repertoire now. I´m sure, EVT will help me to improve my singing and I will hopefully be more successful, healthy and flexible as a singer!

Katrin Paasch; Singer, Germany, April 2014

This Estill Voice Training Course gave me scientific knowledge about what I am doing & using when I sing. It empowers me to analyze & overcome weaknesses quite effortlessly.

Naomi van Dooren; Singer, Germany

It was great to experience the EVT by the plenty exercises and examples shown by Dorte! It was interesting to compare the “feelings” of singing properly in various styles with the physiology.

Victor Petersen, Singer, Germany

There is a time “before” and “after” my first Estill Course in my work and career as a singer and as vocal coach.

Tina Frank, Singer & Vocal coach, Germany
As a classical singer, I am so blown away by the “technical” approach. Knowing and understanding is the beginning of delivering a more “healthy” sound. There were typical and classical training pages blank – Estill fills in all the blank pages.
Frederik Caelen, Artist, Belgium
This course was a revelation for me! It opens a lot of possibilities to become so much better. I´m sure it will work both ways – as a professional speaker (actor) and as a singer.
Pat Mechele, Dramateacher & Singer, Belgium
It all fell into place! Everything I have been doing all these years finally got a name and a box to put it in. It´s so clear and obvious now. I feel revealed. I have improved and I have grown as a singer.
Ilse La Monaca, Singer, Belgium
Learning about Estill Voice has cracked open some singing myths for me. It has given me tools that will allow me to evaluate & hopefully teach myself. Concrete tools like this are rare in singing teaching – and so, they are extremely useful.
Michelle O´Rourke, Singer, Ireland
EVT shows you all the options for your voice – most of them you wouldn´t have dreamed of they were there or possible at all. It gives you the tools & the knowledge to achieve so many things with your voice & to be your own teacher. Its clarifying, building up in confidence and liberty.
Katrien Van Opstal, Teacher / Singer & Master in Jazz singing, Belgium
EVT makes voice technique concrete, clear and logical.
Ann Willems, Voice Coach and teacher, Belgium
I finally have a clear image of the different parts of the voice and what I can do with them. Its interesting to see and hear how one change in movement can change the overall sound.
Annelies Emmerechts, Singer, Belgium
You learn to know about the limits and possibilities of your own voice. You see opportunities to use the figures in a speechtherapist practise and in your own real life. EVT shaked me up. I was wondered how the several exercises could change the voice. I really would like to go further and learn more about this method.
Griet Moerman, Logopedist, Belgium
The Estill work has made an amazing difference in my voice and work. This course was wonderful. Dorte is such a wonderful presenter who presented with passion, depth and a beatiful calmness. Thank you. She also spends just the right amount of time on each person.
Annie Hedenig, Primary School Music Teacher, Germany
This course gave me a lot of new tools that I can use as a singer. It gave me tools to use my voice healthy. I feel that the teachers are caring about me. We went through all things very clearful.
Johanna Kyykoski; Singer / Singing Teacher, Finland
I love that you have so nice results in a very short time! This opened a whole new world for me!
Fiona Scholz, Singer / actor, Germany
I will definately have a better “toolbox” for teaching various styles! It was very important to find more exact names for some actions and images I use in teaching all the time
Kaisa Kelloniemi, Voice Teacher
This course changed my way of teaching singing. All is very clear and this is a method all singers can learn. I´m very greatful and happy that I found this tool to help me to become a better singer and voice teacher.
Maria Pirttikangas, Singer, Singing Teacher, Finland
This course made a lot of order and logic in the way I think about voice, also it is a great complementary to general voice science books as every topic gets his own figure….I enjoyed really
Yaniv Baruh, Voice Teacher, Israel
I used the technique before and some of the Figures came easy but now I am really happy, because I know what is happening physiologically and that helps a lot if I want to explain to others. I recommend this course to everyone who is working with the voice.
Lisa Bassenge, Singer, Actor & Voice Teacher, Berlin
Greatest singing experience I´ve ever had. Never used my voice in this precision and clarity. Feels so healthy
Benjamin A Merkl, Singer
Very much, this EVT Course has given me tools to improve my skils as a singer and also as a voice teacher
Teija Korhonen, Singer / Singing Teacher
EVT has changed the way of thinking & teaching siging. Excellent tools to work.
Jaana Turunen, Master of Music, CEO, Maestra Finland Oy
Very professional and inspiring teaching that has provided tools that I can use in my daily work as a performing vocalist and vocal teacher
Johanna Elina Sulkunen; vocalist, composer and singing teacher
As a Complete Vocal Teqchnique Teacher it has been really interesting to get to know a different approach – gives me the ability to understand different termes
Mari Leppävuori, Authorized CVT Teacher, Finland
Jeg har lært en masse omkring sangteknik, der kan bruges i undervisningen af børn med stemmevanskeligheder samt til eget brug ift talestemme og sangteknik
Jette Flattum; audiologopæd
Estill Voice Training gives very powerful and practical tools to improve singing in different Qualities. Dorte, you have a gift to explain everything clearly and help people succeed in doing those things. Thank you for a wonderful course
Jaana Turunen, CEO, Master of Music, Maestra Finland Oy
A very logical way to explain singing. Estill Voice Training explains whar really, concretely happens when you sing in different ways.
Mona Castren, Teacher, Finland
Thank you so much for the very practical tools for improving my singing & getting really nice experiences of succes every day during the course. I´m empowered!
Elina Ahu-Kuusama, Master of Fine Arts / Mucic, Singer of Early Music, Arts Manager. Finland
I was on my first Estill-course half a year ago. It totally changed my concept of singing. It gave concrete tooæs what to do to get to certain sounds. I just had 2 concerts of 16 love songs where I used the Voice Qualities. Without the course I could not have done all the styles that I used in the concerts.
Tuija Tiitta-Ylipää, Singer, Finland
Just a BIG thank you again for a fabulous week of “Estill”! I really enjoyed the entire program you presented and learned so much about so many things. As I mentioned in my evaluation sheet, I think you are a wonderful teacher… your presentation, your positive energy and encouragement, your musicality, and over all calm and professional manner in dealing with everything.
Dena DeRose, Professor of Jazz Voice University of Music and Dramatic Arts, Graz, Austria.
I recognise in you a fabulous teacher, coach as well as artist. The never-ending energy, enthusiasm and love with which you bring the system to us and in return us to the system can only be the result of heartfelt love for both the profession and working with people in general
Jan Knoppers (choreographer, dance-teacher) Rotterdam, Netherland
Meget højt fagligt og pædagogisk niveau. Fint suppleret af de 2 underviseres forskelligheder. Stor respekt for den enkelte elev og indsigt i de individuelle problemer og ressourcer
Anne Mainkvist, Talelærer ved CSV (Center for Specialundervisning for Voksne), Københavns kommune
Återigen TUSEN TACK för allt ni lärt mig. Jag har glädje av det varje lektion och är en bättre lärare och sångerska idag tack vare det. Det finns mycket kvar att lära. En spännande resa
Margareta Sandblom, Sanger & Sangpædagog, Härnösand, Sverige
Bra att ni är så stöttande och att alla vågar experimentera inför gruppen. Bra att ni är så kunniga och professionella
Andrea Björklund, Sanger & Sangpædagog, Sverige