Køkken Koncert is my latest project. House concerts with different guest musicians in my home at Sørisgaard. Until now these wonderful musicians have been “cooking” together with me in the kitchen; Otto Sidenius, Jon Bruland, Troels Skovgaard, Michael Sunding, Marie Louise Schmidt, Helle Marstrand,  Søren Baun, Christina Von Bülow, Søren Kristiansen, Esben Just, Pelle Von Bülow, Søren Reiff, Niels HP & Jacob Christoffersen. Due to Covid 19 – springprogram 2020 was cancelled. Follow the program here

My latest CD was released in 2015 with the project HYLD together with the musicians Otto Sidenius; Piano and Hammond Organ, Jon Bruland; Bass and Carsten Milner; Drums.

You can read more here: or find us on facebook

Listen to songs from the CD: HYLD: “The Disobedient Victim” here on the left – together with songs from my first solo release: “You Take Me Home”.

All songs are original compositions written by me, Otto Sidenius and Finn Poulsen.

If you want to buy my new CD; Hyld, The Disobedient Victim – here is some links.

Gateway to get the physical CD

and digital download via iTunes