Kursus Info
Kursus Start: april 03, 2024
Tidsplan: Wednesday 10 - 18, Thursday & Friday 9 - 18
Sted: To Be Announced in Leuven, Belgium
Sprog: English
Præsenteret Af: Dorte Hyldstrup
Pris: € 400 / Students: € 350. Course book not included. If you register for the following Level Two Course in Ghent April 6th - 7th you get a discount and pay total € 650 / students € 550
Estill Level One Course, Gent

The Estill Level One Course. Time: April 3rd – 5th, 2024

Presented by Estill Mentor & Course Instructors Dorte Hyldstrup, DK & Marcello Zempt, NL together with Estill Master Trainer Katrien Van Opstall, EMT, BE.

This course is for anyone who would like to improve their singing or speaking voice—singers, actors, vocal coaches, drama instructors, speech-language pathologists, and other vocal health professionals.

Level 1: Figures for Voice™ teaches the Craft of speaking and singing. During the course students are introduced to 13 vocal structures that influence voice quality. Each structure produces a range of different vocal sound effects. The Figures for Voice are exercises used to develop predictable control of each structure’s options. The skills developed in Level 1 will help you add strength, clarity and stamina to your voice! Throughout the day, new voice skills are practiced in small group sessions.

Participants will be given the chance to explore Figure applications for individual repertoire and case studies in open coaching sessions. There will also be ample time for questions and discussion.

The EVT Ressources Fee – that you pay when you register for the course – includes 1 PDF ($ 40) or 1 printed book ($ 55) of the current course workbook and supports the advancement & quality of EVT materials and technology for courses and certification. This fee is required for all new and returning participants for all courses.