Level One

In Level One we work with “Figures for Voice” the foundation of Estill Voice Training.

You will learn to identify, isolate and practise control over 13 parts of the vocal mechanism. Each part influences your sound. e.g. when you change the length of your vocal tract (the distance from your vocal folds to your lips) you change the color of your sound. A long tract gives you a darker sound versus a shorter tract will result in a brighter sound. This is just one of many structures you will learn to control.

By using simple and concrete tools you can develop a healthy and versatile voice.

– Understand how your voice really works
– Sing or speak sing with more power
– Improve your range
– Sing or speak without pain & fatigue
– Sing or speak with many tone and color possibilities

Get concrete tools to solve voice problems for your students and yourself

Please be aware that all course enrollments are binding. Unfortunately I cannot refund the course fee, unless I have a waiting list and someone else can take over and buy your place!


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Level One Course – Figures for Voice, Helsinki March 2020

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Finland , English with Finnish translation when needed