As a Certified Course Instructor with Testing Privileges I can offer mentorship if you are interested in becoming a certified Estill Teacher.

The certification program is governed by the Estill Voice International’s Advisory Board and is applied consistently in all the countries where EVTS is taught. The value of this certification program is enhanced by the rigors of the examination standards.

I have many years of experience with certification and have served as a mentor for many Certified Master Teachers

If you are interested in certification – please contact me.

Estill Voice International offers these Certification Levels:

Estill Figure Proficiency (EFP).

A test open to anyone; demonstrates that you have competency in performing the Figures for Voice & the Six Voice Qualities taught in Lev One and Two. This is not a teaching certification but is a prerequisite for starting training as a EMT (Certified Master Trainer)

Estill Master Trainer (EMT)

EMTs are promoted as skilled teachers of Estill Voice Training. A EMT is a representative of Estill Voice Training and is able to teach Estill Voice Training in a private studio or classroom. EMT´s are permitted to purchase certain EVT teaching materials for use by their students that are not available to the general public. Before you can start the training to become a Certified Master Trainer it is required that you first attend the Estill Level One and Level Two courses twice and have earned your Certificate of Estill Figure Proficiency.

Estill Mentor Course Instructor (EMCI)

EMCI´s are promoted as presenters of EVT for public courses and seminars.

Please read more here: http://estillvoice.com/pages/where-to-start

Please be aware that all course enrollments are binding. Unfortunately I cannot refund the course fee, unless I have a waiting list and someone else can take over and buy your place!


There are currently no available course dates.

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