Online France, Complete Course, July 2020


Presented in cooperation with Courant d’Art by Dorte Hyldstrup, Estill Mentor Course Instructor & Isabelle Marx, Estill Master Trainer.

Due to the covid 19 – this course is now offered as an online course via zoom. Day 1 will start with an introduction to the platform.

Only PDF books are available for this course.

ONLINE 29/6, 30/6 & 1/7 (Level 1), 6/7 & 7/7 (Level 2).

Registration: Please contact us by email at

or call us on 00333 88 56 99 75 or 00336 63 26 28 47

Contact us at to get this training covered by your employer, or if you are paying the full fee on your own. If you are a recognised professional French artist with training rights under the AFDAS system, our organisation is also recognised and you can get your fees covered.

Course Details

29 Jun 2020 09:00 07 Jul 2020 18:00
English with Frensh Translation
500 € / 350 Euro ( only for those who are particularly financially challenged by Covid 19 )
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