ONLINE Variations of the Voice Qualities & strategies for “mixed voice”.

ONLINE Copenhagen

This is an advanced Estill one day workshop only open to those who attended a Level One & Two Course.

The workshop will begin with a practical repetition of the six Voice Qualities.

This will be followed by typical variations and different ways to mix your voice according to different aesthtetic choices.

You will get the chance to work individually on your own repertoire in a Open Session.

Presented by Dorte Hyldstrup, one of Europe´s most experienced Estill Voice Course Instructors.

Only few places – we will be max 7 participants in the workshop.

Please register via this link:

We will use the Zoom platform. If needed I can offer an introduction to Zoom.

If you use a computer you just log in via the link that I will send you after registration.

If you use a phone or Ipad you need to download the app: ZOOM Cloud Meetings.
Here is some good advice on the sound when working with music in zoom.
Step 1: Click on the menu next to the mic symbol and find – Audio Settings
Step 2: Adjust settings speaker and mic settings appropriately and click on Advanced
Step 3: Click on Show in-meeting option “Enable Original Sound”. 
After this procedure you are now able to choose: original sound = “Turn off original sound”.

Course Details

07 Nov 2021 10:00 07 Nov 2021 16:00
ONLINE Copenhagen
120 Euro
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