ONLINE Advanced Course – Permutations & Variations of the Voice Qualities


Why did Jo Estill choose the six Voice Qualities?

And what about all the other ways you can hear people are using their voice?

In this advanced workshop we will explore more options by working with permutations & variations of the six Voice Qualities in a Level Two Course.

We will work on different styles of music and you will experience how the Estill model can be used to analyse and develop the sound quality you need for a certain style and without compromising neither authenticity nor voice hygiene.

The Advanced workshop will end with an “Open Session” – a Master Class where everyone get new tools for voice coaching & trouble shooting. If you choose to sing in the open session you must prepare to use either your own karaoke, accompanie yourself or sing acapella.

Please include your profession under: #Address 2 when you register for this workshop so that we can tailor the day after the group.

The workshop is in english but with translation into finnish when needed.

Maximum participants: 14

Presented by Dorte Hyldstrup; Estill Mentor Course Instructor with advanced testing privileges. Dorte has more than 30 years of experience with Estill Voice Training and was trained by Jo Estill herself.

Second presenter; Estill Master Trainer; Antti Annola from Finland.

N.B. If you also book the advanced workshop June 10th – you pay only 280 Euro for both workshops.

Course Details

11 Jun 2020 10:00 11 Jun 2020 18:00
English with finnish translation when needed
150 Euro
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