Dorte Hyldstrup

I´ve been working with my voice as a singer and voice teacher for more than 30 years.

I have extensive experience as a teacher on all levels – from Rhythmic Music Conservatory, the Royal Academy of Music, Department of Musicology (Copenhagen), several music schools as well as many courses associated with music seminars and continuing education.

Since 2000 I have taught at more than 200 courses in the teaching method Estill Voice Training in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France and Belgium.

My experience with Estill Voice Training (EVT) goes back to 1988 when I, as a recent graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, went to New York for training by Jo Estill, founder of the EVT. My meeting with Jo was a defining moment for my conception of the singing voice and all its possibilities.

In 1991, I organized the first course with Jo Estill in Denmark, and enjoyed the great privilege of working as her assistant on many courses for the following 9 years.

5 good reasons for choosing Dorte

      • Estill Voice Training Master Teacher & Course Instructor with Testing Privileges
      • 30 years experience as a singing teacher with more than 20 years at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Denmark
      • State Tested Music Teacher (The Royal Danish Academy of Music)
      • Certified Master NLP (Dansk NLP Institut)
      • Research-based teaching


“Very professional and inspiring teaching that has provided tools that I can use in my daily work as a performing vocalist and vocal teacher”
Johanna Elina Sulkunen; vocalist, composer and singing teacher. Copenhagen July
“Estill Voice Training gives very powerful and practical tools to improve singing in different Qualities. Dorte, you have a gift to explain everything clearly and help people succeed in doing those things. Thank you for a wonderful course.”
Jaana Turunen, CEO, Master of Music, Maestra Finland Oy
“Thank you so much for the very practical tools for improving my singing & getting really nice experiences of succes every day during the course. I´m empowered!”
Elina Ahu-Kuusama, Master of Fine Arts / Mucic, Singer of Early Music, Arts Manager. Finland
“Just a BIG thank you again for a fabulous week of “Estill”! I really enjoyed the entire program you presented and learned so much about so many things. As I mentioned in my evaluation sheet, I think you are a wonderful teacher… your presentation, your positive energy and encouragement, your musicality, and over all calm and professional manner in dealing with everything.”
Dena DeRose, Professor of Jazz Voice University of Music and Dramatic Arts, Graz, Austria.
“I recognise in you a fabulous teacher, coach as well as artist. The never-ending energy, enthusiasm and love with which you bring the system to us and in return us to the system can only be the result of heartfelt love for both the profession and working with people in general”
Jan Knoppers (choreographer, dance-teacher) Rotterdam, Netherland

Other reasons for choosing Dorte

Competent musical and technical guidance based on the individual person

Member of Estill International Certification Board 2009 – 2013

Board member of the Danish Voice Association 2010 – 2014